Video: Clumping Bamboo Uses And Growing Tips

A very informative video presented by Queensland based Horticultural presenter Adam Woodhams.

How to Plant Bamboo

Bamboo plants can be planted at any time of the year. In the cooler months they won’t show much vertical growth, but rather concentrate on establishing their roots in the new environment, ready for the weather to warm up.

Bamboo Planting Spaces

For varieties suitable to grow in suburban yards, clumping bamboo is best planted with 1 to 1.5m spaces between each plant.

Growing Bamboo Plants In Pots

Bamboo grown in a pot is ideal for those balconies or patios with tight spaces. It can create that tall vertical privacy screen to protect your courtyard, or that soft ornamental feature that will be the envy of all who visit.

Why you can plant bamboo in winter

Winter is a great time of the year for planting Bamboo. When planted during winter, the plants concentrate on establishing an active root system ready to start producing new stems in the warmer months.

Bamboo Plant Pot Sizes

It can be pretty confusing and difficult to try and visualise the size of a plant when you’re buying plants in their nursery pots online.

Bamboo Maintenance

It is easy to maintain your Bamboo clump to ensure that it is healthy and provides the desired results at all times. Whether it is part of a screen or hedge, or a stand alone feature, the process is the same.

More home time during COVID-19

As the Corona virus continues, we are all finding that we are spending more time at home. This creates a great opportunity to spend a bit more time in your garden, and to install a beautiful clumping bamboo screen.