Bamboo Plant Pot Sizes

Bamboo Plant Pot Sizes image
It can be pretty confusing and difficult to try and visualise the size of a plant when you’re buying plants in their nursery pots online.

Often, it can seem misleading when a product price is defined by the different pot or bag size. 

Especially when it comes to bamboo plants, comparing the container size to their listed prices, and trying to cross check these across all of the online bamboo plant stores. 

Interestingly, because of their root system, bamboo plants can grow quite large in small containers or pots. 

The type of root system bamboo plants have means they cannot become root bound. 

This means it is possible to produce quite a large, advanced plant in a relatively small pot, before affecting the health of the plant.

This can be very beneficial come planting time, as you won’t need to dig such a large hole to plant your bamboo. 

There is often a big price difference between what would appear to be the same product. So it is important to be aware that this price difference may also mean a big difference in the maturity and quality of the bamboo plant. 

If an image of the product is not available, then we would suggest asking for one to be provided.

At Living Bamboo each pot contains one bamboo plant that has been propagated (reproduced) from a healthy parent plant. 

Our different pot sizes represent the maturity and size of the plant. As the pot size increases, the price also increases relevant to the advancement of each plant and the time taken over the years to get the plant to that stage within the nursery.

Examples of our typical Gracilis pot sizes are:

180mm pot or 3L bag – 1.5 to 2m tall

200mm pot – 2 to 3m tall

250mm pot – 3 to 4m tall

300mm pot – 4 to 4.5m tall

45L bag – 5 to 6m tall

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