Bamboo Planting Spaces

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For varieties suitable to grow in suburban yards, clumping bamboo is best planted with 1 to 1.5m spaces between each plant.

How far apart you space your bamboo will affect how well it grows and its overall appearance. If you’re trying to create a privacy screen with bamboo, you’ll need to be thoughtful in the planting and spacing stage. 

Clumping bamboo varieties suitable for suburban yards are best planted with 1 to 1.5 metre spaces between each plant. 

For screening bamboo

In most cases, where the clumping bamboo is used for hedging and screening purposes, where a desired screen of up to eight metres in height, it’s best these plants are spaced at 1 to 1.5 metres. This is especially important if the bamboo plants are going to live in a narrow space. 

After an instant effect?

If you’re after more of an instant effect, the plants can be planted as close as 1 metre apart. This is for scenarios where you need to achieve that screening effect quickly, as that half a metre in spacing will help you reach the required density sooner. 

In a situation where the bamboo variety would typically grow to 10 metres or higher, the best spacing will be two to three metres apart. This is most suitable for varieties with a naturally open clump as well. 

Consider spacing requirements before you plant

It’s important to consider the spacing requirements for your bamboo plants before you plant. They need to have enough space for the plants to grow and advance naturally, without any excessive competition for nutrients or water. 

Bamboo has a shallow root system, and doesn’t go looking for water very deep in the soil. So if an area is over planted, there will not be enough water and nutrients to support the plants. You’ll notice warning signs like discarded foliage, then branches and stems, as it attempts to stay alive. 

Bamboo advances by growing stems out of the ground to then form a clump. The size will be relevant to the variety of bamboo and the growing conditions. If they’re planted too close, the effect can become quite messy.  

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