Why you can plant bamboo in winter

Why you can plant bamboo in winter image
Winter is a great time of the year for planting Bamboo. When planted during winter, the plants concentrate on establishing an active root system ready to start producing new stems in the warmer months.

Winter is a great time of the year for planting bamboo plants, especially if you live in the tropical and subtropical regions of Australia. Even the mild frost areas of the temperate regions can take advantage of planting bamboo plants during this time.

Bamboo plants are less stressed in winter

As bamboo goes into relative dormancy during the cooler months, when it's planted at this time, there is less stress on the plants and less work required for it to establish itself and begin growing.

When planted, bamboo will concentrate on establishing roots in their new environment. This is beneficial because once the weather warms up, the plants will be ready to start producing new stems. 

An established root system creates vigorous bamboo plants

With an established and active root system, the plants will be more vigorous. The plants will produce more stems that are thicker and taller than the original ones that made up the plant that you took out of the pot or container. 

Then, they’ll rapidly grow towards creating that screen, a hedge or bamboo feature that you desire.

As always, when planting bamboo plants it is so important to ensure that the soil is protected with some type of mulch.

This is especially important for the more temperate environments where the soil can become hard if exposed to the cold weather during winter.

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